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Large payday loans (USD 80,000 and more)

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  • You forgot to include winter tires in your car loan
  • Now you want more furnishings for your new apartment
  • You need unplanned medical treatment

Life is full of changes and surprises – your financial situation must be able to keep up. We have summarized the most important points for you for your approach to increasing your credit.

Our 3 tips for increasing your  payday loan:

Tip 1: Compare the loan offers

Compare loan offers

Do not rely solely on your current loan provider. Customers who pay well in particular often receive significantly better terms (higher loan amounts, longer terms, lower annual interest rates) from competitive banks than from the credit bank where they already have their credit. The credit banks are hungry for good customers, play this out for yourself. 


Tip 2: Put all of your loans together under one loan

loans together under one loan

When investing, it is worthwhile to distribute the saved money to different locations. The risk of losses is thus kept low, so-called cluster risks are avoided by this investment strategy. This is exactly the opposite with loans. Here it is worth placing all the loans with one provider, and the increase is the right moment for this. There is no risk for you (you owe the bank the money and not the other way around) and you can expect better conditions. Credit banks often only give interest reductions to their good customers from USD 20,000 or USD 30,000. An annual interest rate of 11.9% versus 14.5% can then quickly save you over USD 2,000. 


Tip 3: Use the expertise of a credit expert

money loan

You want to compare offers, contract credit and make everything easier. Do you think that this is only possible with great personal effort? No, because there are credit experts like Instant Care Bank. As an established Swiss credit expert, we take care of your situation, compile your dossier so that it looks most attractive to the credit banks and then present you with the right options for your credit increase

Credit increases are a necessity for many consumers. If done correctly, especially with the help of an established credit expert, top ups are also an ideal opportunity to get the best conditions for your loan. Contact us or fill out a complete application and receive a non-binding offer for your new loan from Instant Care Bank. Click here for the application offer.

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